Rebecca Bathory

Remarkable. Surreal. Dark. Mystical. Rebecca Bathory's photography evokes all of these descriptions. A London-based fine art photographer, Rebecca specializes in her own beautiful brand of moody imagery. She was chosen by Professional Photography Magazine as Professional Photographer of the Year in 2009, and runner-up for the medium-format category in 2014 for one of her Mamiya Leaf images.

A tireless photographer who makes the time to travel and pursue her passions, Rebecca has worked on her cultural memory projects since 2012. That includes visiting more than 300 abandoned buildings in 20 countries. She published her first book, "Soviet Ghosts," in 2014. In it she captures what is left from the collapse of the Soviet Union — including forgotten towns, hospitals, factories, theaters, asylums, schools, etc.

As for the future? Rebecca is expanding her quest to find beauty in darkness and plans to visit 30 countries, complete three book projects — and complete her PhD in Visual Anthropology, too. She is an amazing storyteller to watch.


Rebecca's Gear

"I couldn't imagine using any other bags than Lowepro, I drag them under and over fences, across a lake on a blow up raft at 4am in the morning, they have been dragged around abandoned buildings all around the world and protected my equipment from the elements, rain, dirt, the lot. I've even taken them down a 100ft free climb into a slate mine and my camera survived to tell the tale. I don't know what i would do without such a trustworthy bag to look after my equipment and with so many options for every kind of situation I am spoilt for choice."

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